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CNC Turning Services

Centerline Manufacturing provides close-tolerance CNC turning solutions to a wide range of production machining applications. Combined with our full suite of CNC milling services, our precision turning department enables us to offer the speed and versatility that your custom-machined parts deserve, all without compromising on quality or consistency.

As one of the nation’s premier CNC machine shops for advanced aerospace, defense and energy sector production applications, Centerline is your single-source AS9100 Certified and ITAR Registered domestic manufacturer.

CNC Turning Services

CNC Turning Centers and Lathes – Equipment List

  • Hitachi Seiki – HT-23J – X 10.0 Dia. Z 24.0
  • Mazak – Slant turn 50NR – 80” between centers, 7-1/2” thru hole, Steady rest
  • Mazak – Slant turn 50NR – 80″ b/w centers, w/ 10.5 in.bore
  • Mazak – QT-15 – X 8.0 Dia. Z 18.0
  • Mazak – QT-20 – X 8.0 Dia. Z 18.0
  • Mazak – QT-30 – X 13.0 Dia. Z 36.0
  • Mazak Big Bore – 350-II MY – X 15.5 Dia. Z 60.0
  • Mazak – 350-II MY – X 15.5 Dia. Z 60.0
  • Mazak – Nexus 450 – II MY – X 24.0 Dia. Z 120.0
  • Mazak – Nexus 450 – II MY – X 24.0 Dia. Z 80.0

The Advantages of the CNC Turning Process: Lathes vs. Milling Machines

While CNC milling is the primary machining operation for flat surfaces and complex component geometries, CNC turning is the ideal process for producing cylindrical or conical shapes in workpieces while maintaining precision tolerances. Round profiles can be machined much more quickly, efficiently and reliably using a lathe compared to a CNC milling machine.

In many advanced aerospace, defense and industrial machining applications, lathes and milling equipment are used in conjunction to provide more versatile CNC mill-turn solutions. With mill-turn operations, a cylindrical or conical workpiece can be produced through turning before it is milled out with more complex geometrical features.

ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified CNC Turning Provider

Centerline Manufacturing Ltd. offers precision CNC turning solutions for your custom close-tolerance parts and components. As an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified American machine shop, our custom turning solutions are supported by one of the industry’s most robust quality control systems, ensuring every specification is met or exceeded.