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CNC Milling Services

Centerline Manufacturing offers close-tolerance milling solutions to a diverse range of production machining applications. Specializing in precision aerospace and defense applications along with the ever-challenging energy sector, we are one of the machining industry’s leading AS9100 Certified and ITAR Registered American manufacturers.

CNC Milling


Equipped with a full suite of the industry’s most advanced horizontal and vertical CNC machines, Centerline provides both versatility and precision to your custom-machined metal parts and components.

CNC Milling Centers – Equipment List

  • Mazak Mill with Lathe Capabilities – Horizontal Integrex E650 – X 40.0 Y 26.0 Z 122.0
  • Mazak Mill with Lathe Capabilities – Horizontal Integrex I400 – X 24.0 Y 10.2 Z 50.0
  • Quantum – Vertical Q-1500 V – X 62.0 Y 34.0 Z 32.0
  • Haas – Vertical VF-6 – X 64.0 Y 32.0 Z 30.0 (2)
  • Haas – Vertical VF-5 XT – X 60.0 Y 26.0 Z 25.0 (7)
  • Haas – Vertical VF-3 – X 40.0 Y 26.0 Z 25.0
  • Haas – Vertical VF-2 – X 30.0 Y 16.0 Z 20.0
  • Haas – Horizontal EC1600 X 64.0 Y 50.0 Z 32.0 (2)
  • Toyoda – Vertical SB 316 – X 120.5 Y 63.0 Z 31.5
  • Toyoda – Vertical FV 1480 50 – X 55.1 Y 31.5 Z 27.6

The CNC Milling Process vs. CNC Turning Services

CNC mills and lathes are both precision machining solutions engineered to remove metal from a workpiece as efficiently and consistently as possible. Within the manufacturing industry, this metalworking process is referred to as subtractive manufacturing, due to the fact that material is essentially “subtracted” from the workpiece throughout the machining process. However, the processes by which CNC mills and lathes perform subtractive manufacturing are essentially opposite:

  • In a CNC mill, a rotary cutting tool spins at extremely high rpm against a stationary workpiece. The rotary tool carefully removes metal material like a sculptor using a chisel – only much faster, and with much higher-precision tolerances.
  • In contrast, a CNC lathe turns the workpiece itself against a stationary cutting tool, making the process more akin to the function of a pottery wheel than traditional sculpting.

Your Single-Source Domestic Manufacturer and AS9100 Certified CNC Machine Shop

Centerline Manufacturing Ltd. offers precision CNC turning solutions for your custom close-tolerance parts and components. As an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified American machine shop, our custom turning solutions are supported by one of the industry’s most robust quality control systems, ensuring every specification is met or exceeded.