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CNC Machining Services for Medical Devices and High-Tech Manufacturing Applications

Centerline’s diverse in-house manufacturing expertise includes custom CNC-machined devices and components for specialized medical applications, demanding the utmost in precision quality and consistency.

Medical & High-Tech

Quality Machining Solutions for a Variety of Metals

Centerline Manufacturing is strategically located near the medical center in Houston. Our proximity combined with our long record of superior machining quality has established Centerline as one of the Gulf Coast’s premier contract manufacturers for high-tech and medical applications.

Our leading expertise in advanced aerospace and military machining applications further exemplifies our dedication to precision quality and consistency.

Flexible CNC Machining Capabilities for a Variety of Materials

Centerline provides the capability to machine your custom medical and high-tech parts from a range of specialized materials. Our CNC machining expertise includes working with hard metals, such as Inconel and titanium, as well as nitrogen-strengthened stainless steel alloys such as Nitronic.

  • Titanium
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Inconel
  • Nitronic
  • Other high-grade metals
  • Some medical-grade plastics

The Single-Source CNC Machine Shop for Energy, Oil and Gas Applications

Strategically located on the Gulf Coast to deliver consistent, efficient and sustainable CNC machining solutions to the energy and power generation industry, with leading expertise in contract manufacturing for the oil and gas sector.