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Production CNC Machining and Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Centerline Manufacturing offers both speed and precision to your custom CNC-machined parts production. Our facility specializes in complex, close-tolerance CNC machining applications for the aerospace and energy sectors, the medical industry, and a diverse range of commercial and industrial manufacturing operations.

Centerline is a full-service domestic contract manufacturer offering complete, precision-based metalworking solutions – from multi-axis CNC machining and wire EDM services to advanced testing and inspection capabilities.

CNC Contract Manufacturing

CNC-Based Contract Manufacturing

Proudly based out of Houston, Texas, Centerline is one of the Gulf Coast’s premier single-source contract machine shops. Since 2005, we have offered a complete range of contract manufacturing services backed by precision quality suitable for the industry’s most advanced aviation, defense, and energy production applications.

CNC Milling Services

Equipped with an array of the industry’s most state-of-the-art horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers, we provide precision milling services for a versatile range of production applications.

CNC Milling Services
Transportation Machining

CNC Turning Services

In addition to our full-service CNC milling department, Centerline’s precision machine shop is outfitted with a complete range of CNC turning centers and lathes, capable of efficiently tackling both small- and large-format machining operations.

Wire EDM Capabilities

Our production machine shop includes some of the industry’s most advanced wire EDM and plunge EDM technology. Through our precision electrical discharge machining services, we deliver unparalleled speed and consistency in custom, machined-parts production.

Wire EDM Capabilities

Your Single-Source American Contract Manufacturer for CNC-Machined Precision

Founded in 2005 and proudly based in Houston, Texas, Centerline operates a precision CNC machine shop providing single-source domestic manufacturing solutions for quality-focused, custom machining applications.