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Superior CNC Machining Solutions for a Range of Industries and Applications

Strategically located on the Gulf Coast, Centerline Manufacturing is one of the nation’s leading precision CNC machine shops serving the oil and gas industry, along with the energy production sector as a whole. As an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 Certified domestic contract manufacturer, we offer superior contract manufacturing services to a range of other precision industries, including aviation and military applications, medical device manufacturing, and an array of industrial production applications.

Renowned for our superior quality and consistency, our facility specializes in complex CNC machining applications, including the aerospace and energy industries, the medical/high-tech sector, as well as a range of specialized commercial/industrial manufacturing enterprises.

Based out of Houston, Texas, Centerline Manufacturing is your single-source domestic provider of quality-focused custom machining services.


Aerospace and Defense

Close-tolerance CNC machining solutions for the aerospace and defense industries supported by AS9100D Certification and ITAR Registration.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Quality machining services for the commercial and industrial manufacturing sectors with quality control in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2015 Certification standards.

Milling Services

Medical and High-Tech Equipment

Specialized precision machining and contract manufacturing services for the medical sector and other high-tech equipment applications.

Energy and Power Generation

Strategically located on the Gulf Coast to deliver consistent, efficient and sustainable CNC machining solutions to the energy and power generation industry, with leading expertise in contract manufacturing for the oil and gas sector.

Energy & Power Generation